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About Us
Terrafine India is promoted by professionals from the industry who have a passion for the hills in all its glory and everything that the hills have to offer.

What better place than Uttarakhand, which has been the cradle of our civilization….the land from where the Ganga originates…the hills from where our ancient civilization grew and nurtured by the sages through the centuries…a world we truly call our own.

We have been believers in living life in all its glory and believe Uttarakhand has something to offer to all that seek to discover life and themselves. If you are reading this, its because you too would like to explore the world of Uttarakhand and yes we would love to meet you, in person….to talk, to share and to explore offering you YOUR place under the sun right here in Uttarakhand !

So if you want to have a home…your OWN place where you can re-discover living life, then get in touch Contact Us with us and we’ll meet you as a friend and guide you with all the options that you may want to explore.

If you are looking at investing in Uttarakhand, take a look at the options below: